The Sugar Engineers

Vacuum Equipment

Purpose of the Vacuum Equipment

The vacuum equipment's function is to remove the incondesible gases that find their way into the vapour stream. The incondensible gases come from the following sources:

Quantity of Air to be Removed

A number of authors have expressed an opinion on the the amount of incondensible gas to be removed from the condensers. Sadly, and as is typical there is little agreement among them.

Peter Rein's Cane Sugar Engineering gives guidance for the estimation of the quantities of air to be removed as follows.

Vacuum Pumps

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are commonly used to handle wet gas mixtures (i.e., mixtures containing condensable vapors).

Steam Jet Ejectors

Steam jet ejectors are a simple alternative to mechanical pumps for vacuum - raising applications. The steam jet ejector utilizes high pressure steam to compress low pressure vapours or gases.