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Steam Turbine Calculations

Often one needs to get an estimate of steam consumption of a steam turbine for various steam conditions, given a turbine's isentropic efficiency. More Details.

Number of Holes in a Tube Plate

Use this program to calculate the number of holes that can be fitted on a tube sheet.

Units Conversion for Engineers - Uconeer

Another great freeware program from Katmar Software. This units conversion program was created specifically for engineers. Uconeer has over 370 units arranged in 42 categories. However, the author has excluded all the archaic and esoteric units that clutter the menus of the other programs. This makes Uconeer the easiest to use conversion program available, while still retaining all the units engineers actually use. Download Uconeer now.

Steam Tables

Katmar Software have shareware steam tables for download.


Programs can be downloaded from the Sugar Engineers' Library, subject to the following conditions software