The Sugar Engineers

Pipe Specifications

Each sugar factory needs a pipe specification so that when a pipe is being repaired or a section of plant is being added those implementing the change know exactly which type of pipe, fittings, flanges, gaskets and valves to use.

The following are the main types of pipe that will be needed with recommended pressure, temperature, corrosion allowance and material parameters

1 Non food grade Full vacuum to 10 bar g 100°C 2 mm Carbon Steel
2 Food grade Full vacuum to 10 bar g 100 0.5 mm Stainless steel
3 Low pressure steam Full vacuum to 3 bar g 200°C 2 mm Carbon Steel
4 Condensates Full vacuum to 10 bar g 130°C 3 mm Carbon Steel
5 High pressure steam 31 bar g 400°C 1.6 mm Carbon Steel
6 Vacuum Full vacuum 100°C 0.5 mm Stainless steel

Useful pipe specification information