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Bagasse Calorific Value

Gross calorific value, also known as the higher calorific value (HCV) of bagasse, is calculated from the following formula:

HCV=[19605 - 196.05 (moisture % sample) - 196.05 (ash % sample) - 31.14 (brix % sample)]

The net calorific value, also known as the lower calorific value (LCV), assumes that the water formed by combustion and also the water of constitution of the fuel remains in vapour form. In industrial practice it is not practicable to reduce the temperature of the combustion products below dew point to condense the moisture present and recover its latent heat, thus the latent heat of the vapour is not available for heating purposes and must be subtracted from the HCV. By ASTM standards the HCV is calculated at atmospheric pressure and at 20°C. LCV of bagasse is calculated by the formula:

LCV=[18260 - 207.63 (moisture % sample) - 182.6 (ash % sample) - 31.14 (brix % sample)]

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Source: Southern African Sugar Technologists Association Laboratory Manual