The Sugar Engineers

Density of Sugar Factory Products

The tables below give the approximate range of densities for selected cane factory products. This data is taken from multiple sources including Hugot and Tromp

Sugar Cane lb/ft3 kg/m3
Whole stick cane, tangled and tamped down as in a cane transport vehicle 12.5 200.2
Whole stick cane, neatly bundled 25 400.5
Billetted cane 22 352.4
Whole stick tangled cane but loosely tipped into cane carrier 10 160.2
Knifed cane 18 288.3
Shredded cane 20 320.4
Bagasse lb/ft3 kg/m3
Bagasse exiting the final mill 7.5 120.1
Bagasse stacked to 2 metre height (moisture = 44%) 11 176.2
Sugars lb/ft3 kg/m3
Sucrose crystal 99.0 1586.2
Amorphous sucrose 94.1 1507.7
Bulk white sugar 54.9 880
Bagged white sugar 43.7 700
Raw sugar (96° Pol) in a pile 56.2 900
Bagged raw sugar 42.4 680

Juice, Syrup and Molasses

You can do online calculations of sugar solution density by entering the data required below. Select the parameter to be used as the graph's x-axis by clicking the appropriate radio button

Sugar Solution

Tables of density are available in Sugar Technologists Manual by Z. Bubnik, P. Kadlec, D. Urban, M. Bruhns available from