The Sugar Engineers

Sugar Mill Lubricants

Castrol SMR Grades

Castrol SMR lubricants are especially formulated for sugar mill roll bearings and gearboxes. They are viscous black oils fortified with load bearing additives and incorporate emulsifiers to resist the harmful effects of the inevitable contamination with sugar juices encountered in use. They also find use in other heavily loaded open gears and pinions. These grades are now lead free.

Density @ 20°C 0,949 0,914 0,952 0,995
Viscosity @ 40°C (mm2/s) 1205 1925 1 228 11450
Viscosity @ 100°C (mm2/s) 50,5 126,0 50,5 167,0
VIE 84 160 83 74
Colour Black Red/Green Black Black
Pour Point (°C) 0 6 0 +12
Flash Point CCC (°C) 250 212 254 256
Bitumen Yes Nil Yes Yes
Compounding Yes Yes Yes Yes
EP Additives   Yes Yes Yes

Sugar Mill Bearings