The Sugar Engineers

Sulphitation Vessel Rapid Design

In the Sugar Engineers' sulphitation vessel gas is drawn into the vessel by means of a gas eductor, with a sidestream of the sulphitator sugar liquor as the motive liquid. Some SO2 absorption takes place in the eductor. Gas which disengages from the motive liquid stream, rises up the column. Untreated liquor enters the column just above the top perforated tray. Liquor falls down through the column as the SO2 laden gas rises, so mixing and allowing the SO2 to be absorbed into the liquor stream. Liquor is drawn, by circulation pump, from the bottom of the sulphitator tank and introduced into the column just above the third tray. This is to ensure optimum absorption of SO2.

The features and benefits of the Sugar Engineers' sulphitation vessel are:

  1. Engineered to your factory's precise requirements
  2. Designed for maximum absorption of SO2
  3. Simple, efficient design
  4. Easy to clean and maintain