The Sugar Engineers

Overall Heat Transfer Co-efficients

Quadruple Effect

Overall heat transfer coefficents (ohtc) from a number of sources given in kW/m2/K for a quadruple effect evaporator train

Honig Baloh Hugot Clavijo
First Effect 2.500 2.160 3.410 2.800 4.050 2.330 2.790 3.014
Second Effect 2.200 2.150 2.730 2.330 2.800 1.630 2.090 2.220
Third Effect 1.700 1.360 2.050 1.800 1.820 1.160 1.630 1.907
Fourth effect 0.700 0.680 1.020 0.770 1.120 0.700 0.930 1.255

The coefficients from Tongaat-Hulett Sugar were reported in a paper by Meadows and Love (SASTA 1999, pg 211) and are derived from plant measurements over a number of years. One would expect, however, that heat transfer coefficients would depend on heating steam temperature and juice/syrup brix, and since these are not stated one must assume usual conditions, namely: heating steam temperature is 120°C, final effect vacuum at 13kPa abs, juice and syrup brix respectively 12° and 65°. If the conditions you are designing for are not similar to these these figures must be used with caution.

In chapter 11 of Sugar Technology by Van der Poel, Schiweck and Schwartz ohtc is given as a function of juice/syrup temperature and brix, the function given is